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GREE Platform Award – The first half of 2013 - :Prize RPG
GREE Platform Award 2012 :Overall Grand Prize
GREE Platform Award − The first half of 2012 − :Award of Excellence
GREE Platform Award 2011 :Special Award




A majestic fantasy RPG game where players use beasts, goddesses, demon lords, and heroes in order to carry out the mission of the legendary ring to restore peace to the land.Battleenemies using the beautifully illustrated beast, goddess, demon lord, and hero cards!



■ BAHAMUT BRAVE original game elements

・An “automatic combination” feature to easily make collected cards more powerful.

・A feature to develop your favourite cards to the max.

・The ”Daemon’s Gate” suddenly appears at points during the quest, allowing players to obtain lots of items within the time limit.



■ Popular beast, goddess, demon lord, and hero cards





Application name BAHAMUT BRAVE
Release date 7 Oct., 2011 (Android™ version released on 5 June, 2012)
Genre Full-fledged card battle RPG
Designated country Japan
Language Japanese
Copyright information © 2015 AltPlus Inc.

Compatible devices and registration information

■ Flash Lite1.1 compatible mobile devices from DoCoMo, au, and Softbank
■ Android™ devices installed with Android 2.2 or higher (excluding some terminals and tablets)
■ iOS™ devices: iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S, and 5 (iPhone 3G and iPads are not supported)
■ Basic play is free (fees are charged when items are purchased)
■ Please be aware that you must register free with GREE as a member in order to play this game.