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Data Scientist


The data scientist analyses user trends for both our original titles and titles using other companies’ Intellectual Property (IP titles), develops logic systems, and makes project proposals based on this work. We are looking for individuals who want to provide users with services that make gaming even more fun.





Job Content

This is a data scientist position.
・Collect data on our original titles and IP titles
・Analyse user trends
・Create project proposals based on data analysis



Required Skills and Work Experience

Must want to provide users with better services through data science

NB: Must want to become a data mining professional and have practical experience in at least one of the following areas:
・Application, network, and/or database engineering
・Marketing and/or consulting experience at an internet company



We particularly welcome applicants with the following skills and experience:

Data mining experience
Work experience in various fields
An entrepreneurial spirit and strong orientation towards overseas business
Experience playing social games, online games, etc.



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