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Game Designer / Game Director


The Game Designer / Game Director is involved with planning work for social games and native applications. The Game Designer / Game Director will create plans by analyzing user trends based on daily figures to think about how to make games more enjoyable.





Job Content

This position involves game design, planning, and providing guidance during projects.
Specific tasks:
・Creation of game service plans and proposals
・Creation of data specifications
・Game level design work



Required Skills and Work Experience

Experience planning and developing content used for web services, social games, native applications, etc.
Must watch movies, listen to music, play games, and use web services on a regular basis.

This job requires passion for games and also need communication skills.

Fluent in Japanes or English.



We particularly welcome applicants with the following skills and experience

Game planning experience (includes console, online, and mobile games)
Experience planning and developing web services and various other products
Experience analyzing user trends from data
An affinity for social games

Experience of a communication in a global organization is a plus.



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