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Message from CEO


Takeshi Ishii, CEO

Ever Seeking that “Being Right There” Feel, Together with the User
Takeshi Ishii, CEOAltPlus Inc. has dedicated itself ever since its founding to the development of social applications. This makes it one of very few manufacturers of its kind in the game industry. What we have always held most important in our development work is the creation of games that give the user that feeling, that thrill, of “being right there.” There is a sense of urgency in the development of social games, with the developer observing real time user reactions and having to develop events and functions that exceed even user expectations. Social games are unique in requiring this kind of speed, and in that lies their keen appeal to users and to us as developers.

Creating an Environment Where Each Person’s Abilities Shine
Takeshi Ishii, CEOTo develop games that really thrill the user, AltPlus places great importance on creating surroundings where each employee’s abilities can shine. In opposition to the old planning-led “waterfall” model of development, all involved—engineers, designers, planners, etc.—come up with ideas in response to user needs. Even if mistaken, no blame is laid, but moves are made to quickly leverage the idea in subsequent planning: an approach which is key to eliciting high appraisal from users.

The AltPlus development team is more like a small band than a large orchestra. Having between three and ten people work on a single title maintains the kind of environment where everyone can contribute ideas. So, however big the company may grow, there can be no change whatsoever to the environment that allows each and every member’s talents to shine. Such an environment provides a constant opportunity for even just a single engineer’s passion to ignite the passions of millions of users.

The Key is the Fervour to Get Users Excited
Takeshi Ishii, CEOWhat we seek in our employees even more than skill is fervour, because it is fervour that is essential in fully engaging with users. Most of how users assess a game can be seen in figures, such as for sales and ratio of active users. Therefore, the way we see it, employees doing a job they love should place great importance on these figures as a gauge of how successful the results of their work are. Users are smart, and will pay only for products they believe are really worth it.

So the engineers,creators, and everyone at AltPlus place great importance on how users feel, as reflected in the sales figures. The staff also works to come up with ever more innovative ways to provide users with even better service. AltPlus does not operate at the behest of work superiors, but is the kind of company that keeps a finger on the users’ pulse by closely following the figures, and facilitates the birth of individual members’ ideas. That’s the joy of working at AltPlus, where employees are given free rein to create and opportunities to release their passion.

“DATE, NORI, and SUIKYO”: Changing the Everyday into Entertainment
Takeshi Ishii, CEOThe AltPlus of the future is set to go beyond social gaming, and create cutting-edge new services. One example is our service that “little by little turns the everyday into entertainment.” Using our social application expertise, we want to make busy people’s lives a little richer by giving the taken-for-granted things of everyday life a new, exciting twist. By bringing such a service to people, we believe we can do our bit towards making the world a better place. 
But, however big the company grows, the AltPlus message of “DATE, NORI, and SUIKYO” will never change. When we began, it was just four of us who within 26 days had created the major hit game, Legend of Derbies King. We will never forget the way we felt then. In the same way, all of us here at AltPlus will keep on enjoying creating, and doing it ever better.