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Can I apply for a position at AltPlus that is not listed in the recruit section of the website?

All our current openings are listed on the website.
When there are new openings in the future, we post the information on our website.

Could you send me printed recruiting materials?

We do not have any recruitment materials available which can be sent by postal mail. Therefore, please use our website to check recruitment and general company information.

Is it possible to visit AltPlus offices?

Sorry, but we do not allow visits.

I was once rejected for a position at AltPlus. Is it possible to reapply?

Yes, it is possible to reapply.

Is it possible to change the position I am applying for once I have applied?

Yes, it is possible.

May I apply for a position even if I do not have any relevant work experience?

Although there are positions which you can apply for that do not require relevant work experience, you are required to have relevant independent project experience. When applying, please provide us with works that you have created (portfolio or URL of a website where your work can be seen), required to assess your abilities in regard to the position you are applying for.